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Hi, I’m Posido.

I'm thrilled to have you here. I created this blog to get back to following what excites me. What inspires me. What I’m curious about. What I’m passionate about. And, I want to share everything I learn along my journey with you. This site is a digital haven full of incredible resources and ideas in music education and instruction for bass guitar and jazz theory, business, and boundless growth.

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"Best bass educating content that I've ever seen. Your videos and website theory help me a lot, educating and helping to diminish my self-hatred for not being a good jazzman."

- Georgy

"This is great man. I've been looking for bass videos that talk about advanced theory like this for awhile. I've been chipping away at these concepts for a long time and this videos is definitely helping me make sense of it all."

- Calvin

"...This is information I can use right now. I like the way you cut to the chase and don't bury stuff in fancy jazz-speak."

- Mick