There’s so many options available for learning how to play the bass guitar online. And, finding a bass teacher with the right teaching style can be tough. Here’s what others are saying about my online bass lessons. Hope this saves you hours of time with research and trial and error.

…This is information I can use right now. I like the way you cut to the chase and don’t bury stuff in fancy jazz-speak.


Best bass educating content that I’ve ever seen. Your videos and website theory help me a lot, educating and helping to diminish my self-hatred for not being a good jazzman.Georgy


This is great man. I’ve been looking for bass videos that talk about advanced theory like this for awhile. I’ve been chipping away at these concepts for a long time and this videos is definitely helping me make sense of it all.


You’re amazing in your teaching approach.


Nice lesson. Not too fast, not too much info. Just perfect.


Love your vids, sir! I’ve been discouraged by my slapping practice because I have been trying to do it the right way that others preach instead of the way that is right for me. You have encouraged me to practice in a way the feels comfortable and sounds good to me instead of trying to put a square peg in a round hole.


Your videos are helping me a lot man, I’ve been playing bass for almost 3 years but mainly by ear. I knew some music theory but I learned a lot from your videos. You are doing a great job! Love what you’re doing.


You articulate your thoughts well! I enjoy your videos, and appreciate that you share your knowledge generously. Good work, young man!


I really like your videos giving good ideas without spoon feeding, it’s a good level…


Nice vid. You cover a lot of things here in a very concise way. You have a very smooth melodic style.


Your lessons are well laid out…


Very well explained and good tips!


I took a trip to your website and your just a bar of gold bro….will surely be here for a while.


Love your work man. I really appreciate your unique teaching style… its fresh, fun and funky. I picked up the bass guitar a few years ago and its just been a joy to grow with musically. Your teachings… is by far one of the most inspirational sources of information I’ve come across and it has given me new perspectives on how I play the bass.


Thanks for the hope that I might feel comfortable one day to actually take a solo and be a better all around bassist…


This is exactly what i need to take my playing to the nest level.


…You have a unique and compelling philosophy in your method…


Seems to me you have a bit unique approach to music on the bass, and quite a few of your views really resound with me.