Best AI Software To Remove Instruments From A Song

November 26, 2023
AI Software for removing vocals and instruments from a song

If you’re a musician, you’ll undoubtedly have experienced the frustration of trying to remove instruments from a song. With the help of AI software, this process can be made much easier. There are a number of different AI software options available, and each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, I’m going to share with you my top pick for AI software that can remove instruments from any song or video. This tool helps simplify the transcribing process, and level up your playing by allowing you to play along to tracks where your instrument has been stripped out of the mix.

Let’s get started.

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What is AI?

AI (also known as Artificial Intelligence) refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are designed to think and act like humans. These machines are trained using algorithms and data to recognize patterns, make decisions, and perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence.

AI has a wide range of applications, including language translation, image recognition, removing vocals from songs, and even removing instruments from a song. It’s not a new technology, but the hype around AI is growing.

You’d be missing out by not using it. Many musicians are leveling up their skills by transcribing music faster with greater accuracy.

Uses Cases For Removing An Instrument From A Song

There are many musicians, producers, and even bass players who are using AI technology to help improve their skills. These computer programs and apps are often used in conjunction with other music teaching methods, such as learning songs by ear.

Extracting an instrument from the track mix is a game-changer in the practice shed that’ll allow you to:

  • transcribe licks faster with greater accuracy
  • single out your instrument, play along with it, and develop your time-feel
  • cut out your instrument from the track mix, play along to the track, and practice musical ideas
  • learn how a song was produced
  • hear more clearly how a musician approached playing to a song
  • practice remixing songs using the extracted stems

These are just a few ways you can level up your music skills with AI software.

Remove Instruments From A Song with AI Software (My Top Pick)

If you want to extract vocals, accompaniment, or instruments from any audio, in order to play with your favorite artists in any key and speed, check out my top pick. You’ll be glad you did. (Top Pick for AI Audio Separation) - AI Powered tool for extracting vocal, accompaniment, and various instruments from any audio and video – AI Powered tool for extracting vocal, accompaniment, and various instruments from any audio and video is an AI-powered vocal, accompaniment, and instrument extraction software tool that was created by specialists in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, mathematical optimization, and digital signal processing. And, it’s darn good at what it does!

A next-generation vocal remover and music source separation service for fast, easy and precise stem extraction”

Fast, Easy, and Precise Stem Extraction

The software has the ability to extract vocals and musical instruments, such as drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, and synthesizer from any audio or video. Yes, even video. In my personal experience, is very good at what it says it can do!

There’s a desktop version if you want to work locally on your own computer. Or, you can use the browser. Just upload a music audio track or video to queue it up for processing, select what stem you want to extract, and wait a minute for a preview of the file.

After previewing the file, processing will take a few more minutes to complete, where you’ll end up getting the entire track without your instrument, along with the entire track of just your instrument isolated. Now, that’s pretty cool! – Standard Volume Pricing options

While you can use the software for free, there are limitations that will leave you wanting to upgrade. For instance, the free version doesn’t let you download the full track. And, you’re limited to 10 minutes worth of audio or video that you can split in total.

The paid versions are a one-time fee at a low price ($15 for the Lite Pack and $30 for the Plus Pack). This allows you to download the full stems and the minutes increase from either 90 minutes or 300 minutes, depending on the package you choose. - Standard Volume Pricing options – Standard Volume Pricing options – High Volume Pricing options

Options for processing at a much higher volume is also available. If you produce music or transcribe music at a prolific level, you can get a great deal with the high volume package. - High Volume Pricing options – High Volume Pricing options


  • Sound quality of the stems are very good and clean, even for the bass. As a bass player, I use this often to play along to tracks without the bass. I also practice playing along to just the bass track to capture nuances in the groove that I may not have heard from the original track.
  • Stem splitting processing is very fast.
  • Able to split from a variety of stems (more than what I’ve seen anyone else offering).
  • The Plus Pack offers 300 minutes. Many songs range anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes in length. And, minutes are deducted by the following formula: Total file length x stem separation type(s) number. So, depending on what separation types you choose, you can process a fair amount of songs.
  • If you need a lot more minutes, there’s High Volume pricing available.
  • Desktop version is available for Windows, macOS and Linux computers.
  • Input and Output formats, include: MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, AAC.
  • Batch uploading for paid packages.


  • Free version is extremely limited.
  • No mobile version.
  • It would be really nice if there was an unlimited pack offered.

Comparison Table With Alternate AI Instrument Isolation and Vocal Remover Software

Isolating instruments from music has been made possible with AI. Below is a comparison chart, comparing with alternate AI Tools that offer similar services, like removing vocals from a song. See which tool will work best for you.
Output quality: Very Good

Stem Separation Types: Vocal and Instrumental, Drums, Bass, Voice and Noise, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Strings, Wind

Work Locally: Windows, macOS and Linux

Batch Upload: Yes

Download Files: Yes

Free Version: Yes

Other Pros: Fast processing. Can also extract stems from either an audio or video file.
Output quality: Good

Stem Separation Types: Bass, Drums, Other, Piano, Vocals

Work Locally: Windows and macOS

Batch Upload: No

Download Files: Yes

Free Version: Yes

Other Pros: Simple interface.
Output quality: Very Good

Stem Separation Types: Vocals, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Other

Work Locally: iOS and Android

Batch Upload: No

Download Files: Yes

Free Version: Yes

Other Pros: Has a Pitch Changer and AI Key Detection. Can also detect and display chords in real time.
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Everyday, AI (artificial intelligence) software is being used for creative things, like extracting vocals or instruments from a song. And everyday, musicians, producers, and even bass players are using this technology to develop their ears, transform how they practice, and get better at their skills. Tools, like, can help us learn music in a different way and we should all be using it to our full advantage.

If you’re looking for a way to remove instruments from a song, is the way to go and I highly recommend. What are you waiting for? Go check it out now.

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