3 Best Devices For Tight Forearms and Forearm Pain

January 1, 2024
Tight Forearms and Forearm Pain - Image of an arm by Cherry Laithang

If you got tight forearms from playing the bass guitar, you’re not alone. Tightness in the forearm is a common problem for many musicians, both beginner and professional… Especially bass players.

I’ve had issues with my forearms for many years and have seen many physical therapists about it.

To be specific, I have pain on both of my upper forearms. The pain comes in the form of tightness and sometimes trigger points, which can be really debilitating.

My physical therapists all told me the same thing, which is that I have inflammation of the tendons caused by overuse and that I need to rest. And, they’re right.

RSI and tendinitis happen from simply overusing. So, stopping the physical action that’s causing the pain in the first place is the path towards healing.

But, if you’re like me where you have a job that you can’t just stop (because it’s your job), you might be looking for ways to temporarily relieve your tight forearm muscles.

In this article, I’ll review 3 devices that I’ve used for quite some time to relieve my forearm pain and tightness that resulted from repetitive strain injury (RSI) and tendinitis (also called tendonitis).

It’s time to reduce pain, tension, and tightness with your forearms and get back on the path toward healing and restoring your grip strength.

Let’s dive in.

Disclaimer: I’m reader-supported. So, when you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Having that said, this article does contain affiliate links that I receive a small commission for at no cost to you. These are what I use for relieving sore forearm muscles and I fully recommend trying them out, especially if you’re experiencing forearm pain. You can read my full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy in the footer.

What are the best devices for temporarily relieving forearm tightness and forearm pain?

Here are my top 3 picks for the best devices for relieving tight forearms. Bass players, these are especially for you.

1. Roll Recovery – R8 Plus™

Best overall deep tissue massage for your forearms

Roll Recovery - R8 Plus
Roll Recovery’s R8 Plus™

The Roll Recovery’s R8 Plus™ provides the best overall deep tissue massage that your forearms can get. I’ve been using this device since May of 2022. Here’s my personal experience.

My Personal Experience

Roll Recovery’s R8 Plus™ lets you dial in just the right amount of deep tissue massage for your forearms and increase blood flow. You can actually use this on other parts of your body, like your quads, shins, hamstrings, calves, and more.

This thing is built well and is very durable.

There’s an adjustment dial to adjust the amount of deep tissue massage force. The rollers help improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Rollers are also great for myofascial release by breaking up muscle adhesions.

I always liked using massage rollers after a workout to release my tight muscles. So, when I found this online, I decided to give it a try for my tight forearms.

The moment I pushed my forearm through the rollers I was in heaven. I love using this thing while I watch Netflix.

It’s always best to seek advice from your doctor before using, in case the injury that you have can be potentially worsened from rolling massage.

Pros & Cons for Roll Recovery’s R8 Plus™


  • Durable and well-made.
  • Easy grips for holding.
  • Has an adjustment dial.
  • SuperPlush and SuperDeep inserts available to soften or deepen your experience.


  • The carrying bag that it comes with feels cheap.
  • A high pain tolerance needed. You’re in pain already and massaging a tender area may aggravate things.

2. Fusion Massage Device

Best deep tissue percussion muscle massager gun

Fusion Massage Device
Fusion Massage Device

The Fusion Massage Device was a game changer for me and is the best deep tissue percussion muscle massage gun for its price. I’ve been using this device since March of 2021 and still use it to this day. Here’s my personal experience.

My Personal Experience

The Fusion Massage Device is a percussion muscle massager gun that provides instant pain relief and relaxation from tight and sore muscles.

I was initially hesitant when I saw an Instagram ad for this. My first thoughts were, that a massager gun seems like it would hurt.

But, it doesn’t hurt. This massage device feels really good on tight muscles. I’ve used this device on many of the muscles involved in playing the bass (inner forearms and outer part of my forearms) and for me I’ve experienced relief in my pain and discomfort.

It comes with 6 different types of detachable heads. I like to use all of the different types of heads. Each head has its own unique shape and stiffness.

The device also has multiple speeds. But, to be honest, I’m super happy in the lowest speed mode.

Pros & Cons for Fusion Massage Device


  • Able to accomplish deep tissue massage very easily.
  • Super-quiet.
  • Comes with different feeling heads.
  • Comes with a hard case.


  • Has to be plugged into a wall outlet.

3. GoFit – Polar Roller

Best ice cold rolling massage therapy for your forearms

GoFit Polar Roller
GoFit Polar Roller

This GoFit Polar Roller is a favorite of mine and is the best ice cold massage therapy for your forearms. I’ve been using this device for more than 3 years now. Here’s my personal experience.

My Personal Experience

The GoFit Polar Roller is basically a metal ball on a stick. You put this in the freezer and when it’s ice cold, you roll it over your painful joints and muscles.

Targeted cold rolling massage therapy can be very effective in reducing joint inflammation and muscle pain.

I started out using this with my tight forearms, especially my left forearm (used for fretting), and it did wonders for me.

If you’ve every used a lacrosse ball to massage your forearms, this will take that same experience to another level by adding the coldness factor to it. You’ll be loving life.

Pros & Cons for GoFit Polar Roller


  • No mess.
  • The ball glides over muscles and joints very easily.
  • Detachable rubber grip sleeve.


  • You have to freeze it after each use. So you can’t use it for very many back-to-back massage sessions.

What is a massage roller?

The foam roller is a self-myofascial release (SMR) tool.

It is recommended for the prevention and treatment of sprains and strains, arthritis, sports injuries and sports rehabilitation, and acute and chronic pain

Foam rolling can be an effective tool to add to your workout, before and after, to reduce soreness, enhance recovery, and ease muscle pain.

The roller, however can be of made many different types of shapes and materials. Balls can also be used.

Rollers can be smooth, textured, soft, and hard.

Muscles become stiff from performing repetitive actions, such as computer work, for extended periods of time. A massage roller can apply additional pressure to the stiff areas and reduce the tension.

What is the best free tool for relaxing muscles in the forearm?

If you want something free that can relax your tight forearms, then your best option is an ice cube.

Yes. Just a single ice cube. And, it’s a fantastic way to help reduce aching pain in the forearm.

One of my physical therapists showed me this and it works.

Simply take an ice cube and glide it along your sore forearm muscles.

You’ll find instant relief. I’ve used this on my elbow, wrist, and forearm and my pain and tightness improved. I recommend even trying applying the ice cube to the palm of your hand. You’ll be surprised at all the areas your body may be feeling tension from just playing the bass guitar.

What I love about the ice cube is that when it’s fully melted away, you’ll know you’re done with your session. The ice cube is a built-in timer in itself.

You really only need about 2 minutes of this type of cold massage to feel the relief.

Be sure to have a towel underneath to soak up all the water from the melted ice.


Having tight forearms is no fun, especially as a bass player.

The bass is a physically demanding instrument that requires strong and healthy muscles to play.

Remember, if you feel any pain, that’s a sure sign that you need to listen to your body, examine what actions might be causing your forearm to hurt or feel stiff, and take a break.

If the pain is chronic, like it is for me, having these devices laying available can be a huge help in getting you some instant relief.

Good luck in your quest for finding tight forearm relief.

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