Best Multi Guitar Stand For Bass Players

May 1, 2024
Best Multi Guitar Stand - For Bass Guitarists

Choosing the right multi guitar stand is vitally important to your keeping your instruments safe and within reach. From sturdiness and durability to compact design and cost, the best multi guitar stand can help remove any friction when it comes to picking and choosing to play your bass guitars. In this guide, I reviewed the best multi guitar stand for bass players, so you can decide if this one is for you.

Let’s dive in.

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4 Things To Consider When Buying A Multi-Guitar Stand

While cost might be a deciding factor for many people, there are a few things to consider before defaulting with going the cheapest route.

Consider this:

  1. This thing is going to be holding a few of your bass guitars. Depending on how much each of your bass guitar’s cost, you’re going to want something that’s stable. And, the cheapest option is often not going to be very stable. I have two hyper cats and a toddler running around non-stop. The last thing I want is for my basses to knock over, break, or get scuffed up.
  2. If you’re living in tight spaces, or often gig in venues with small stages, you’re going to want something with a small footprint. Not a lot of multi guitar racks have a compact design or are foldable (should you need to tuck it away). They often look like furniture. That may be fine, if you never plan on taking your guitar stand with you on the road. But, if you do plan on taking things on the road, a portable guitar rack that can collapse and remain small when in use is crucial.
  3. Bass guitars can typically weigh 8 pounds or more. Add a few of them together and you got some weight to consider. So sturdy and durable is a must.
  4. Last but not least, I don’t like anything that holds my bass guitar in a significant angle, putting pressure on the neck. The more vertical, the better.

K&M Konig & Meyer Guardian Guitar Stand

The K&M Konig & Meyer Guardian Guitar Stand is a beast. It’s built well, sturdy, durable, compact, and even looks nice. There’s models for holding up to 3, 4, and 5 guitars and/or bass guitars.

K&M Guardian 3 Guitar Stand
Best Stable, Durable, and Compact Multi Guitar Stand: K&M 17513 Guardian 3 Guitar Stand

My Personal Experience

I own the K&M Guardian 3 Guitar Stand. I consider this to be the best multi guitar stand for bass players. I assume the other models will have a similar construction, feel, and vibe. I recommend checking those out too.

This is my honest review of the K&M Guardian 3 Guitar Stand from the stand point of a bass player.

Let’s start with the pros.

Pro: Sturdy Design

This is a great, sturdy guitar stand. It’s perfect for keeping your bass guitar or electric guitar up off the ground or floor. You’ll love the protective bars that’ll keep your basses apart and steady. I’ve never had any of my basses bang into another when putting them on the rack and taking them off to play.

Top view of the K&M Guardian 3 Guitar Stand
Top view of the K&M Guardian 3 Guitar Stand

Pro: Anti-Scratch

There’s also cushioned pads that’ll keep your basses secure and safe. These also provide anti-scratch easy access to your precious basses.

Pro: Compact

The overall dimensions of this multi guitar stand (without the basses) is: 24.6 x 26.3 x 7 inches. That’s pretty compact and will fit in most tight spaces. You can also collapse this stand if you want to take it with you to a gig.

collapsible guitar rack
Collapsible guitar rack

Pro: Sleek Look

I have the all black model. It looks clean and sleek. I’ve seen guitar stands out there that look like someone put together spare pipe paddings from Home Depot. And, those don’t look good at all. The K&M Guardian 3 Guitar Stand, however, looks really nice and the design is very thoughtful. There’s even slots to store your picks, if you play the bass with a pick.

Pro: Durable Construction

The materials used for this product feels high quality. Mine has no loose screws. Nothing rattles. Nothing wiggles. After a year of use, nothing is coming apart either. This guitar rack is super durable and stable.

Pro: Environmentally Conscious Company

When I was researching multi guitar stands, I came across the company Konig & Meyer. And, I was really happy to read that environmental protection was a corporate goal for the company. So, this was a bonus for me.

Con: Padding Easily Catches Dust

Nothing is perfect. One thing I noticed with the padded cushions, is that the texture of the material easily catches dust. Now, my house could be kept cleaner. But, when dust gets on this, you can’t just wipe it off. I find that you need to take a damp towel to wipe off the dust, because the texture wants to hold onto it.

Con: Not Cheap

You get what you pay for. So, while K&M guitar stands aren’t cheap, you’ll need to set aside a couple hundred bucks to get one. I was really hesitant to get one at first, because I’ve never dropped that kind of money on a stand before. But, it’s been worth every penny. I’ve had my bass fall off many stands before. But, I’ve never had a bass fall with the K&M Guardian 3 Guitar Stand. I’ve been using this for more than a year now.


There are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking for the best multi guitar stand for your basses.

Keep in mind, basses are heavy and have a much longer scale than electric guitars. That means stability and durability should be at the top of the list for reasons to choose an option.

K&M (Konig & Meyer) stands are the way to go in my honest opinion.

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