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Learn the basslines, techniques, and methods used by top bass players and jazz musicians. If you want to level up your bass skills and have the confidence to play with other musicians, you've come to the right place. I'll show you how.
Enharmonic Notes and Enharmonic Equivalents - Image of Music Notation by Marius Masalar

What Are Enharmonic Notes (A.K.A Enharmonic Equivalents)?

Have you ever wondered why some notes sound the same even though they have different names? These notes are called enharmonic equivalents, which occur when two notes have the same pitch but are spelled differently. The sounds of these notes are indistinguishable,
December 26, 2023
Solo over Rhythm Changes - Image of chaotic lights by Mikita Yo

How To Solo Over Rhythm Changes (The Easiest Way)

Rhythm Changes is one of the oldest, most influential, and common chord progressions in the jazz repertoire. Based on the tune “I Got Rhythm,” by George Gershwin, this popular chord progression is not only a great template for writing songs, but it’s
December 14, 2023
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