Learn the basslines, techniques, and methods used by top bass players and jazz musicians. If you want to level up your bass skills and have the confidence to play with other musicians, you've come to the right place. I'll show you how.
Bass Harmonics (Artificial Harmonics and Natural Harmonics)

Artificial Harmonics and Natural Harmonics (For Bass Guitar)

Ever heard of bass harmonics? Or artificial harmonics and natural harmonics? These are like hidden gems on your bass! It’s those sweet, shimmering sounds you hear from bassists Jaco Pastorious, Michael Manring, Steve Bailey and Victor Wooten. These guys all use harmonics
June 21, 2024
Best Apps For Practicing Jazz Improvisation - Man enjoying learning how to play the bass guitar

4 Best Apps For Practicing Jazz Improvisation

You’re probably already aware that there are countless programs and music apps, either free or paid, that offer to help you improve your skills and better your performances. However, slogging through apps to find the right one takes time and effort. If
June 18, 2024
Transcribe Music - Image of man listening to music intently with headphones by Dollar Gill

How To Transcribe Music Effectively and More Often

Transcribing music is a valuable skill for all musicians, educators, and music enthusiasts. Typically, the phrase “transcribe music” simply involves listening to a piece of music and figuring out the notes, rhythms, and other musical elements. Writing things down on sheet music
June 6, 2024
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